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Learn Pizza Making From Award Winning Pros

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You do not need a wood fired oven to take our courses! We will teach you the technical knowledge and cooking skills needed to make the best pizzas! 

Our Beta Launch Starts Oct 21st! Our first class outline is below.

3 Live Sessions on Zoom

1 Bonus Day

All Included for $65 Beta Pricing! 

Every delicious pizza at #Krakelen starts with the right selection of hardwood! In order t

Eat healthy and have your pizza too! 
By learning how to make pizzas from scratch you have control over the ingredients including quality and price! 
This course is 3 days of live instruction going over the details of making pizzas, with the end result being a Margherita Pizza! 
{Of course if you want to add your own toppings thats fine ;) }
You will have all of the skills to make your pizza for Friday Pizza Night!
You do not need a Wood Fired Oven to participate ! 

Course Times and Dates Oct 19th-21st 5-7pm PST 8-10 EST
Location: Zoom
(If you cant make the time it will be recorded and available)

Day 1: 
Introduction to Class & Instructor
Equipment Basics- Wood Fired Oven, Conventional Oven, Pellet Oven, & Grill.
Dough Basics - We'll make a classic Krakelen pizza dough together. 
Discuss Different Types of Dough & Adding Flavor
Q/A at the end 

Day 2:
Making Your Special Sauce, Choosing Cheese & Prepping for Day 3
How to make the tomato based pizza sauce your family will love.
Other sauce options for pizzas. 
Cheese options and what to look for. 
Taking a look at your fermenting dough.
Prepping for Day 3 - Pizza Making
Q/A at the end

Day 3:
Make the Margherita! 
Start your ovens! 
Rolling out your pizza dough, hand tossing! 
Saucing and topping for the perfect cook.
Launching into oven.
Cooking, what to pay attention too, and when to know its ready! 

Day 4 Bonus Day!! Bring all of your Questions and lets work through them together! 


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