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Krakelen Mission

Our Mission is to provide delicious pizzas, using locally sourced ingredients, sustainable tableware, and responsibly harvested firewood.

Krakelen is a family business at its core, and to us that means treating our employees as we would treat our family. We strive to provide competitive wages, and support our employees with work/life balance. 


Business Title

Our Story

My name is Lara, I served as a proud member of the United States Coast Guard as a Marine Science Technician. During my final year of service in 2017 I began thinking of business ideas, until I landed on one that I was passionate about! Krakelen Wood Fired Pizza!  From the moment I shared this idea with my husband, he has been on board, and Krakelen came to life as our first family business! In the winter of 2017, we bought a small pellet fired oven and began practicing our recipes!

First Pizza.jpg

Fast forward to today and we have invested in a much bigger oven, expanded our crew, and have made great business relationships within our community! We are excited to see what the future holds! 

Krakelen Oven 16aug.jpg

About Us
Krakelen was created in 2017 as a family catering business. In 2020 we upgraded to a mobile food truck and began selling more full time. Due to health concerns we had to put a pause on the direct selling and began focusing on w

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